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PLANTSTRONG Coaching Program

Together, We Can.

At PLANTSTRONG, we know community is the most powerful element to successfully sustain lifestyle change.

Take a New Path

Embarking on a plant-based lifestyle can seem overwhelming, especially when you don’t feel your best and want results quickly. The PLANTSTRONG Coaching Program is designed to help you to apply the principles of whole food, plant-based nutrition: removing all animal products, oil, refined sugar, and excess sodium from your eating plan. In addition, we will map out dozens of ways to elevate and accelerate your success with plants by helping you create a strong mindset and create healthy habits that will make this lifestyle sustainable.

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Tools to Help You Succeed

This evidence-based program has helped thousands of people lose weight, reduce cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, increase insulin sensitivity, and get back in the driver's seat with their health.

We focus on best practices and real-life applications. We collect and share the ideas of the group so that we all continue to learn and grow together.


Monthly PLANTSTRONG Coaching Subscription

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Access the PLANTSTRONG Coaching Program coursework and weekly coaching calls.

This is an ongoing month-to month subscription. You will be automatically billed each month on your registration date following any free promotional period.

All billing is final, there are no refunds issued for this subscription.

Start Your PLANTSTRONG Journey

The PLANTSTRONG Coaching Program Includes:

  • Core educational videos by Rip Esselstyn
  •  Downloadable guides to help you in your daily planning
  •  Monthly LIVE group Q&A calls with PLANTSTRONG Coaches
  •  Weekly LIVE coaching calls with in-depth lesson discussions
  •  Twelve PLANTSTRONG tools that build strong habits
  •  Small group coaching calls
  •  BONUS: Gain access to additional content including archived Plant-Stock lectures
  •  Learn from expert guest speakers

You Will Learn:

  • How to begin—learn the PLANTSTRONG Pillars
  •  How to prepare your environment for success
  •  How to batch cook like a pro
  •  How to become a label reading ninja
  •  Strategies for eating out, social gatherings, and going alone
  •  How to make this lifestyle easy and delicious
  •  How to get moving and find a fitness routine
  •  Master the strategy of mindset
  •  How to begin—find your why
  •  How to stop the stop-start diet cycle
  •  Simple daily habits to keep you on track
  •  How to manage cravings & what to do when you slip up
  •  How to hone the PLANTSTRONG tools to fit your lifestyle

John FitzGerald


John manages the PLANTSTRONG Coaching program.

He earned his Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University and is certified in plant-based cooking from Forks Over Knives (Roxube).

Ami Mackey


Ami enjoys helping others develop habits that last a lifetime. She has earned certificates from eCornell in Plant-Based Nutrition & Fitness Nutrition from NASM. A former USA Boxing Coach, Ami loves helping kids and athletes find their way on the PLANTSTRONG path.


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